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Industry Day at the Range Recap: The First of Many

Trinity Force has grown at an amazing rate in 2015, so we thought it fitting to show off some of that progress at the 2016 Industry Day at the Range before SHOT Show. Some friends at publications like The Firearm Blog, Black Sheep Warrior, and Gun Blast made appearances. We showed off some exciting new products that we’ll be releasing throughout 2016.

Stay tuned for more updates as we wrap up SHOT Show and be on the lookout for what is ahead this year!

The Best Three Gun Tip This Week

We’re proud to say that great 3 Gun competitors choose our products when they need equipment that will get the job done, and we’re always looking for inspiration to help those who use our gear in competition. Check out this great article from to get some valuable wisdom regarding 3 Gun sights and optics.


The Ultimate Throwback AR-10 Commercial

Trinity Force has recently expanded its line of rail systems to include items that are compatible with the LR 308 platform. Seeing as how the AR-10 in this commercial is basically the grandaddy of the platform we develop products for today, we figured we’d share some history with you all. This awesome Mad Men-esque infomercial straight out of the late 50’s is full of cool selling points. Don Draper would approve.

You’ll Never Look at a Mil-Dot The Same Way Again

It’s no secret that long range optics, no matter how good they are, require some basic math and a working brain if you want to hit anything outside of CQB ranges. If it’s a Mil-Dot reticle you’re working with, then this article by GunsAmerica is the perfect way to hone your skills and get that much needed knowledge for an accurate shot. We provide introductory how-to manuals for all of our reticles, but this piece will delve even deeper into finer points of the Mil-Dot reticle.

[Read Full Article Here] 

Stippling: A Beginner’s Guide To Grip Supremacy

Do you OPR8 extra hard and find yourself dropping mags during tactical reloads at the range? If this is you (or even if it isn’t), you may have caught yourself drooling over some of the cool stippling jobs that have popped up on the internet. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, there’s a little bit of Mall-Ninja blood coursing through the veins of every AR owner, and custom parts will catch the eye of even the most cynical of gun enthusiasts if they’re executed well enough.

If you’re a particularly brave individual who has some plastic to practice on, then this How-To video by Coop 772 will give you all the info you need to customize your build. His weapon of choice is a Glock, but the mechanics of the process will translate over to any gun.


Eighty Percenting It Just Got a Lot Easier

Defense Distributed has come out with a new breed of CNC mill that is perfect for churning out 80% lowers, and it requires nothing more than a Windows 7 operating system ( Mac version coming soon…). It’s probably one of the only affordable CNC mills on the market right now, and while does still have a price tag north of a thousand dollars, everything about it is open source, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth if you put it to use in other applications as well.

Even the folks at WIRED magazine weren’t able to mess up a lower when they used it. Check out one of their writers put together an Ares Armor rig, and then head over to to reserve your mill today ($250 will hold your spot on the backorder list) Note: always follow your state’s laws and regulations when building an 80% lower.


.223 vs 5.56 (In Case You Were Afraid To Ask)

Everyone who has considered buying an AR has heard the .223 vs. 5.56 conversation pop up at some point. The general consensus is that AR barrels chambered for either are not always compatible with both types of ammo. However, we’ve come across a surprising number of people who don’t know the full story on this.

In light of the fact that this is a safety issue, we’ve decided to link an awesome article on the matter published by If you’re already familiar with the finer points of cartridge compatibility, feel free to skip this one, but for those who aren’t 100% confident in their bullet trivia, this is a must read.


Viral Video: Larry Vickers + A Naked AK74

Larry Vickers’ You Tube channel always enjoys a steady stream of gun enthusiast viewers, but his latest video has upped the game and gone completely viral. In less than four days it’s clocked in at almost half a million views, and the slow motion footage of a AK with no top cover or top hand guard is oddly satisfying to watch.  They guy has a ton of great content to enjoy, but this may be his coolest video yet.