Home with Heroes Partnership

Since its inception in 2013, Trinity Force has experienced immense growth. The brand is now a front runner for shooters who look for value and quality when purchasing firearm parts and accessories. Trinity Force is seeking to continue their mission in 2017. With success; however, comes the responsibility to give back.

Trinity Force was founded in a country made safe by the brave men and women who risk their lives every day so the rest of us can live in the greatest and safest country on Earth. To acknowledge this, Trinity Force has partnered with Home with Heroes to say thank you.

Home with Heroes is a non profit organization that provides more than 150 veterans per year the opportunity to participate in hunting trips, fishing trips, and many other amazing activities. Most of all, it gives them a chance to build relationships in a community of people who truly appreciate their sacrifice.

To commemorate Trinity Force’s support of Home with Heroes, the company will be the primary sponsor for the organization’s 5K Run & Gun event on May 27, 2017 in Centerville, Washington.

Signup info can be found HERE for those interested in attending the event!