Eighty Percenting It Just Got a Lot Easier

Defense Distributed has come out with a new breed of CNC mill that is perfect for churning out 80% lowers, and it requires nothing more than a Windows 7 operating system ( Mac version coming soon…). It’s probably one of the only affordable CNC mills on the market right now, and while does still have a price tag north of a thousand dollars, everything about it is open source, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth if you put it to use in other applications as well.

Even the folks at WIRED magazine weren’t able to mess up a lower when they used it. Check out one of their writers put together an Ares Armor rig, and then head over to ghostgunner.com to reserve your mill today ($250 will hold your spot on the backorder list) Note: always follow your state’s laws and regulations when building an 80% lower.