• Trinity Force Corp. seeks to have a consistent, current and logical advertising message throughout our distribution channels and across all mediums. Therefore, this Advertising Protocol, until amended or modified, sets forth the rules and requirements governing distributors when advertising Trinity Force Corp. products.

    This protocol applies to all distributors. A Distributor who does not agree to and does not sign this Advertising Protocol does not have the right to use the benefits of the Protocol. A Distributor, by agreeing to the terms of this Protocol is permitted to use the appropriate copy written logo, colors, brand and images in conjunction with advertising. Advertising includes, but is not limited to, providing a published price and product description on any Trinity Force Corp. product in a flyer, catalog or website. Any Distributor who is not a signatory to this Protocol who exercises rights granted by this Protocol, and any Distributor who is a signatory to this Protocol and fails to comply with its terms is subject to having its right to act as a distributor for Trinity Force Corp. terminated.

    Pricing: Minimum retail pricing (MAP)

    Distributor net price is the price before any distributor discounts are applied.

    Free shipping may be included as part of this minimum advertised price.

    Distributors understand and agree that Trinity Force Corp. sets minimum retail prices for unit sales.

    This is part of Trinity Force Corp’s marketing strategy and is designed to ensure fair competition.

    Therefore, the following guidelines are provided:

    Advertising Distributors may not offer items below Minimum Advertising Prices on either single unit or multiple unit prices. Online advertised pricing must be at or above MAP throughout the customer’s shopping experience. This includes proceeding to the Checkout function in common shopping websites. MAP must be maintained prior to the Customer’s Purchase Intent, i.e. has gone beyond the shopping functions and provided personal information needed for purchase.

    Advertising Distributor can advertise other services, job pricing, rebates or incentives with appropriate wording as long as advertising language is not a monetary or a percentage amount that implies a specific item price concession below MAP. Trinity Force Corp. will have final decision on whether particular language or offers violation the MAP program.

    The Advertising Distributor may offer pricing on specific items that go below MAP after the Customer’s Purchase Intent (as defined in subparagraph a. above). All instances of such pricing modification must be approved by Trinity Force Corp and must not be implemented until Trinity Force Corp gives express approval.

    Trinity Force Corp. will adjust its MAP prices from time to time. Advertising Distributors will be given a 15-day grace period from the date of any announced price change to adjust prices to new MAP levels.

    Trinity Force Corp. reserves the right to adjust MAP levels for new products. These adjustments to MAP will require immediate compliance until superseded by either a separate announcement or end date for the introductory period.

    Pricing: Minimum retail pricing (MAP) - Penalties

    If MAP price is violated once, you will receive documentation of the violation and will be asked to change your price immediately.

    If MAP price is violated twice, a 1-month suspension will take place.

    If MAP price is violated a third time, you will be removed from our trusted vendor list and banned from selling our products indefinitely.


    The following products will be carefully monitored:

    Redcon-1 Scope Rangefinder
    Redcon-1 Scope Mil Dot
    Redcon-1 Scope P4 Sniper
    Assault 1-4x24 Scope Mil Dot
    Assault 1-4x24 Scope Dot
    Assault 1-4x24 Scope Small Cross
    T-Force Series Scope 3-9x40 P4 Sniper
    T-Force Series Scope 3-9x40 Mil Dot
    Stryker Series Scope 3-12x50 Mil Dot
    Stryker Series Scope 3-12x50 Rangefinder
    Stryker Series Scope 3-12x50 Dot
    Stryker Series Scope 3-12x50 Small Cross
    Commander Scope 6x-24x Mil Dot
    Commander Scope 6x-24x Rangefinder
    Commander Scope 8x-32x Mil Dot
    Commander Scope 8x-32x Rangefinder
    Commander Scope 10x-40x Mil Dot
    Commander Scope 10x-40x Rangefinder
    Redcon-1 Scope Combo Rangefinder
    Redcon-1 Scope Combo Mil Dot
    Redcon-1 Scope Combo P4 Sniper
    Assault 1-4x28 Scope Combo P4 Sniper
    Assault 1-4x28 Scope Combo Mil Dot
    Assault 1-4x28 Scope Combo Dot
    Assault 1-4x28 Scope Combo Small Cross
    Assault 1-4x24 Scope Combo P4 Sniper
    Assault 1-4x24 Scope Combo Mil Dot
    Assault 1-4x24 Scope Combo Dot
    Assault 1-4x24 Scope Combo Small Cross
    Reflex V2
    MDS 1x20
    Low Pro Reflex
    Cantilever Dot Sight
    Green Rifle Laser
    Blue Rifle Laser
    Red Pistol Laser
    Green Pistol Laser
    Flip Up Sight Set
    Atlas Series 7" Rail
    Atlas Series 10" Rail
    P1812 7" Rail
    P1812 10" Rail
    P1812 12" Rail
    P1812 15" Rail
    P1812 .308 7" Rail
    P1812 .308 10" Rail
    P1812 .308 12" Rail
    P1812 .308 15" Rail
    Keymod Rail Attachment Set


    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly at (626) 330-6630 or