The TF15 is an updated version of America’s favorite rifle, the AR15. It has been designed as an adaptive platform to meet or exceed the mission requirements of a patrol, home defense, or competition gun. With this legacy to build on, the TF15 keeps all of the valuable features you would find on a standard AR-pattern weapon, but also employs a host of upgrades to ensure the platform can keep pace with the evolving needs of both professional and recreational users.

The TF15 Mk. I is now sold out. Released in 2016, this rifle was the inaugural model from the Trinity Force TF15 program, and will be succeeded by newer generations of rifles in 2017. There is currently a waitlist for the TF15 Mk. II. To secure a rifle for yourself, sign up using the TF15 Pre-Order form below. Trinity Force will notify you if you have been approved to purchase the rifle.

The next generation, TF15 Mk. II, will feature a suite of updates to the external geometry, but will retain all of the premium components that ensured its predecessor surged past all competition. Submitting your pre-order request will also allow you to receive exclusive updates on future TF15 release dates and availability.